1. Click here for the new video, Everyone!!! We’re back!!

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    Metal Ass Gaming is BACK. With episode 1 of 2 of a brand new battle ass, in which we play possibly the worst game ever created. Its certainly one of the worst I’ve played! But it made for some fun. Check it out and spread the word.;D

  3. He loves to do this #cat #blackcat #kitty

  6. Watermelon and orange/pineapple sorbet. My mouth just came. #foodporn

  8. He’s home! #cat #blackcat #kitty

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    everything personal

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  10. Getting shit done

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    Futuristic/Cyberpunk Fashion V

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  13. Is…is it wrong that I would watch this?

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  14. I’m not a slave to a world
    That doesn’t give a shit

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  15. This was shortly after she smacked Sophie’s butt lol perv. peachmilky