1. This was shortly after she smacked Sophie’s butt lol perv. peachmilky


  2. sowwy:

    I look cute right now my camera just doesn’t understand

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  3. #fortunecookie #accurate

  4. Muh boa stole Kaya’s CK’s


  5. brando-bear said: Hey! So, I just discovered you and I think your blog is REALLY awesome. I also think you're INCREDIBLY handsome and most likely straight due to some of your posts being devoted to this gorgeous girl. Anyways, just wanted to say hi and tell you about your awesomeness! Hope all is well! (:

    Well thank you very much indeed. I’m really glad you like my blog. You’re awesome too. =)


  6. Anonymous said: Do you smoke almost every other goth or alternative person I follow does :(

    No I don’t smoke…anymore. It was pretty self destructive seeing as I have health anxiety which affects me at least once a day. I don’t think I’ve ever gone a day where I’m not convinced I have SOME sort of cancer or disease. But quite recently I have been craving a cigarette SO. FUCKING. BAD.



    Haha I’m moderate at best but thank you very much!


  8. Anonymous said: Are you of the homosexual kind of hot guy or the heterosexual ?¿

    Am I…Huh? Well, I’m straight if that’s what you mean but I do get a lot of attention from the gay community, which I have absolutely no problem with. I appreciate praise from all genders and sexualities. ^__^


  9. shortcuttothestars said: Dang man, you are HOT! It's rare to see guys with such impeccable style, keep it up! *creepy quote for the day: reached*

    lol Thank you so much. I sure will ^__^


  10. people seriously need to start pronouncing ‘kawaii’ correctly…

    How its meant to be said: Ka-wa-ii (Japanese for cute)

    How people are saying it: Ko-wai
    (Japanese for scary)

    A simple mistake to make that can have bad consequences.

  11. My hair does this after I go swimming. I NEVER wear my hair like this. Kinda cute though… #gothgoth #goth #darkfashion #piercings

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  15. She lost her phone lol